Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crochet Alpine Shawl

I made this crochet alpine shawl a while back and thought I would finally blog it. Back in March I bought the yarn to make this shawl from Etsy, the link for the shop is HERE.
It took 300g to make, it turned out to be rather enormous (which I love), it measures approximately 2m by 1m.
I pinned it up on the cabin wall to take a photo, I think it may stay there for a while, it looks great as a wall hanging. This is the pattern I used to make it PATTERN

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dunster House Log Cabin.... It is finished!

We are so pleased with our Dunster house log cabin! Everything was just as they said, there were no problem parts and there were no missing parts. It went together so easily.

I love going down the garden in the evening to watch the television, sew and crochet. My husband has not been banned, some of his books down there too!

The reason this post is so late is that I have been super busy with work. Even marking has been made easier when I go down to the cabin, it is so peaceful, there are no distraction, marking is done in half the time, a slight exaggeration there!

We are also pleased that the went for the fully insulated option, yes it was slightly more expensive, but I really do feel that we will be able to use the cabin all year round! I am already planning for Christmas!