Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reupholstered chairs

The finished chairs, please read on for the full story!!!

Coming to our house is a hazardous affair. We have had the same table and chairs for a number of years. The table is still in working order, all be it rather dirty. However, sitting on a chair is like playing Russian Roulette. On one particular day a rather unfortunate guest picked the wrong chair!

It was in a state of complete disrepair and ended up on the fire. The guest was fine apart from a rather sore bottom.

I have now decided to make it my mission to replace all the chairs, I have gone down the road of having mixed chairs, I am not sure if it is the right choice yet. We were in Midhurst the other day and I saw two old chairs for only five pounds each in a charity shop, the mission began!!

I also have a chair coming from my Mum and Dad, so that makes three, only another three to go!!

I chose this Cath Kidston fabric for these two, I think the others (when I have got them) are going to be covered in different plain colours to complement this fabric.

All I needed was a staple gun and some fabric protector

These were the chairs before covering

I roughly drew around the chair pad and cut out the fabric and then ironed

I love how this photo shows all the small holes from previous owners, I think these chairs have been covered many times during their life time.

I am pleased with the way they have turned out. I am in two minds to paint them white. What do you think?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oil Cloth box tutorial

This super simple box is so useful for storing anything you wish in.


Cut the following from oil cloth

Two 5” by 5” squares
Four 6” by 5” rectangles
Four 7” by 5” rectangles

On the 5" by 5"  squares (the bases) draw a square in the centre that measures 4” by 4”, this will act as your sewing guide.

You will now need to sew the sides onto the square base, be sure to use the sewing guide. Each time you sew on a side flatten out.

Next you will need to sew the sides together.

Trim sides and bottom, this will help with the shaping of the box

You will need to do this for both the rectangles. The 6” by 5” box will need to be turned through, it is worth spending a bit of time ensuring this is done well and the corners are poked out, it will help with the shaping of the box.

And finally place the two parts together and you are done

Turn over the top

You may have noticed that I have sewn the top of some of my boxes, after making a few I have realised that I don't need to do this, as the oil cloth holds its shape so well. I think it looks so much neater.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I love charity shops!!!

I 'did' the charity shops in Midhurst today. I am  sure there must be a word to describe going shopping in charity shops. I think in America you call it thrifting.

These little candles were just 49 pence each, I love candles and tend to get through a lot, so finding cheap ones that smell and look great was a complete result.
I can not take credit for the pink crochet doily under the candles, that was another charity shop find a while back. I love charity shops!!
 I have a larger project to share sometime next week, it involved my husband and myself walking back to the house with two dining room chairs, much to the embarrassment of our children.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Minecraft Models

Whilst sitting planning my maths for the following week my eyes absently minded found themselves staring at my children playing minecraft. I thought to myself if only children could be that into maths I would be onto a winner. It was then I knew how I was going to ensure each and every child in my class were on task for the whole week!!!!

The ideas just seemed to creep into my mind

 They herded themselves into a corner
And marched right in

 Then they were all gathered together ready to go....

It was a weeks worth of ideas teaching volume through the medium of Minecraft, with the final outcome being a paper model that they make and take home. Needless to say it went down very well!

If you want to have a go at making the models the printables are available online ...

The creeper an be found here
The pig can be found here
Steve can be found here

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lattice Crochet Neck Warmer

I still loving making this scarf! Back in January 2012  I made this ( click to follow the link ) I have made a variety of these since making the original. This recent one was made using the yarn I got from the pound shop back in November. The scarf cost me £3.00 to make, this price does not include the buttons, I had those lying around the house. This is chunkier than any of the previous ones, so is super warm. I hope you like this version.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It has been almost a year! Granny Square Blanket

Some of you may remember me posting this picture almost a year ago now.

Well, I had grand plans for this wool. I was going to make a blanket like this one Matt created here. I did not get very far! I only managed 168. I did enjoy making the little granny squares and at times it was like a production line. However, in the back of my mind all I could think about was the task of sewing them together. I will sew together the squares I have made at some point to make a mini version of what Matt made. I take my hat off to him as it would have taken so much work to create what he created. 

I have found another use for all the wool I bought and have started to make a ripple blanket. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Creativity Underway

So by the end of yesterday I had thought about a project I would like to have a go at. However, we decided we needed to get out of the house for some fresh air so it is only in the early stages. I had the bright idea for going for a walk along the river Wey in Guildford. This was not possible as you can see from the pictures. So instead we walked around the castle grounds and grabbed a coffee, the coffee shop is conveniently positioned right next to the fabric and wool shop!!!
The picture of the Cath Kidston oil cloth cut up is the beginnings of small bucket boxes that I plan to make.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tea, Toast and Inspiration

I can not begin to tell you how wet it in here in sunny Surrey. It is the last weekend before the children and myself go back to school. I can't say I am looking forward to it! I think it is going to be another day in the house. I need to create something by the end of the day, but what is the question? I need tea, toast and inspiration.