Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stampin' Up! Table Decorations Fancy Flower Punch

Well here it is. Well one of them!

The balls the girls are holding were made in the same way minus the lights.

Here there are in the evening

So here they are

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stampin' Up! Wedding Table decorations

So this is the next bit of my wedding craft extravaganza. This whole process started just after Christmas and continued for a full three months. When I came up with this idea for our table centre decorations I was not really aware what I had let myself in for and towards the end of punching out 4000 Stampin' Up! fancy flower punches I was convinced I had given myself RSI. Well all is well now and my hand needed a bit of a rest before the next process started and that was constructing the flowers. I did this video can be seen here 1000 times in order to make enough for 10 table decorations.
The photos below show just some of the flowers that were made ready for the next stage

If you would like to see the finished product come back tomorrow!!!!

So here follows photos of the next stage

Paper Wedding Cake Part Two

 I have had the professional wedding photographs back for a while now and I have been meaning to share them with you sooner but we are having a extension built so I have been up to my knees in dust and house reorganisation. The photos of the cake in the last post were taken from  friends that had shared them on the internet so it does mean you are not able to click on the photo for a better look. These ones you will be able to.

The shot below is taken from the top of the cake