Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why is it?

Firstly once again I have not managed to take any photos, not because of the lack of light tent- I got that back! Thanks!!! But my camera ran out of charge so I am afraid that it is going to have to be tomorrow.
I have created another altered canvas. I love the idea of altering items to make something completely different to the original. However from reading and trawling though magazines I have become slightly disturbed by the whole altering idea. Why is it so many altered items have to include strange Victorian children wearing clowns hats? I think it is a case of you either love this style of stamp or you hate it. In my case I don't hate them I find them rather freaky. I am sure I may be able to over come my problem with time, but for now none of my altered stuff is going to contain freaky looking children- it creeps my out!!

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