Monday, January 20, 2014

Oil Cloth box tutorial

This super simple box is so useful for storing anything you wish in.


Cut the following from oil cloth

Two 5” by 5” squares
Four 6” by 5” rectangles
Four 7” by 5” rectangles

On the 5" by 5"  squares (the bases) draw a square in the centre that measures 4” by 4”, this will act as your sewing guide.

You will now need to sew the sides onto the square base, be sure to use the sewing guide. Each time you sew on a side flatten out.

Next you will need to sew the sides together.

Trim sides and bottom, this will help with the shaping of the box

You will need to do this for both the rectangles. The 6” by 5” box will need to be turned through, it is worth spending a bit of time ensuring this is done well and the corners are poked out, it will help with the shaping of the box.

And finally place the two parts together and you are done

Turn over the top

You may have noticed that I have sewn the top of some of my boxes, after making a few I have realised that I don't need to do this, as the oil cloth holds its shape so well. I think it looks so much neater.


CoventryAnn said...

Love these, there are always remnants in my local fabric shop.

Karen leonard said...

Just brilliant! Great tutorial.
Karen x

Sandra said...

Thanks for the tutorial

Paper and Ribbons said...

Great tutorial, love the bag filled with buttons.

My simple life said...

Lovely :) Wish i had a sewing machine now lol

Claireliz said...

This is lovely.
C xx

Virginia said...

Fab tutorial - thankyou!

Sarah Van Praag said...

They all look pretty, wish I was capable of using a sewing machine.

fatmonica said...

They look brilliant-and what a great idea!

Jennie Hart said...

Great tutorial and what useful boxes. Thanks for sharing.