Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jess and Ed

Here is the instalment that was written into Ed's diary

I spent a fun packed weekend with Jessica. Unfortunately it rained most of the time, so were unable to play outside.
When Jessica’s Mummy saw me with Jess she was so pleased that Jess had been such a good girl at school, and was very proud. Jess made me feel at home and made sure I joined in with all the games that her and her brother Owain were playing. Jessica’s cousins Neddy and Alex came round to tea, we had jelly for pudding! Unfortunately the jelly would not come out of the mould, but it still tasted yummy. When bedtime came Neddy and Jess were rather excited and kept me awake.
In the morning I was extremely tired because I had not slept much the night before. I did manage to have a little nap on the way to Jessica’s Granny’s house in Midhurst. We played all day long and had a delicious dinner. That night we all went to sleep straight away.
On Sunday we visited Jessica’s Nanna’s house and had fun playing. I had to go shopping in the afternoon but we went to Run About afterwards, so that made up for it!!
I had a fantastic weekend.
Love Ed

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