Thursday, January 29, 2009

Embossing paste

I did get round to it!! This is the technique that I was shown in my local craft shop. I am pleased with the results but not the photo. It is just no good using the flash. It did take me two attempts to get it right the first time I moved the paste around the stencil too much and it ended up smudging. On the second attempt I ran the paste down the stencil and tried not to over work the paste.
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jay670120 said...

WOW this is lovely , thanxs for sharing x
x jayne x

Julia Dunnit said...

It looks lovely. Really lovely colours. I did a short workshop with Lynell of Dreamweaver some time last year and she said exactly what you have written - load the knife, swipe down the stencil and don't be tempted to work it. Seems like you have the knack already!

Elizabeth said...

Really lovely - you obviously have the knack for this techinque.

Nicci said...

I've got this stencil and paste. Going to have a go now!
Thanks for sharing :)

Jane said...

Love the affect you have got with the glitter, I'm going to have to try that, it's beautiful.