Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twitterpated Scallop Bag

I found this fantastic pattern here I made the bag in one evening.  I Love it as it fits my work diary in and what is even better is it is coordinated!!! The only thing that is missing from the pattern is where to position the darts, but it was easy to work out where they went.

So that was my Stampin' Up! sewing project last night..... This will be my ongoing crochet project, the wool has been ordered and it arrived this morning, all 36 balls of it! The plan is to make a massive blanket. I taught my daughter this weekend how to make the small ( three round ) granny squares, so hopefully she will give me a little bit of help. I have no idea at this point how many squares will be involved, I am just going to keep going until I have used all the wool up. I have estimated it will probably take me all year.


Sarah said...

I reckon it'll take you less than the year, if you don't do anything else! 6 months is my bet. Love the bag, and the book, have you covered it yourself? How did you get the letters on it?

Mer said...

The bag is really lovely! I like it very much!