Saturday, January 18, 2014

I love charity shops!!!

I 'did' the charity shops in Midhurst today. I am  sure there must be a word to describe going shopping in charity shops. I think in America you call it thrifting.

These little candles were just 49 pence each, I love candles and tend to get through a lot, so finding cheap ones that smell and look great was a complete result.
I can not take credit for the pink crochet doily under the candles, that was another charity shop find a while back. I love charity shops!!
 I have a larger project to share sometime next week, it involved my husband and myself walking back to the house with two dining room chairs, much to the embarrassment of our children.


Sandra said...

There is something so satisfying about finding something this gorgeous in a charity shop. And I love that little crochet doily underneath

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

I love a bit of thrifting although it gets harder to find good spots now the charities are changing how they run things.
Great finds - enjoy!