Monday, October 8, 2007

Need a change

I have completely wasted the time Owain has been asleep. I am in a craft quandary - what to do!!!The problems are as follows...
  • Do I make more cards I might not sell?
  • Should I try to think of something else that might sell e.g notebooks - that way I could make use of my bind-it-All?
  • Should I move all my craft stuff back upstairs because the mess in the lounge is really starting to get to me?
  • I can't work upstairs when Owain is asleep, because I will wake him up
  • Should I stay in when he wakes up or go out? - But I will only spend money when I go out.
  • Is this helpful? Or once again I am wasting time?
  • I think it is helpful .. The question is what shall I do??
  • I am going mad - I need a set project, even if it is to tidy the kitchen cupboards

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