Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UK scrappers Peel-Off Opinion Poll

Well it is fair to say I have spent more time on the computer than craft.

I posted an opinion poll on UK Scrappers about Peel-Offs. I suggested that they looked tacky and the main consensus is that they do. However, saying that I have seen some excellent examples of peoples work where they looked great. I still feel that without a lot of faffing they look cheep. So with that in mind I went on the hunt for an alternative quick and effective way of wording. I came up with a fantastic find. On ( Sorry for some reason when you click on this link, it is one of those websites that won't let you use the back option, it may be better to open it in a new tab - I find it so annoying) there is a video that shows how to make your own transfers using your printer and a sheet of acetate. So this is what I have done. Sorry about the pictures, I am still getting to grips with my new camera (Nikon D40 ).

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