Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reupholstered chairs

The finished chairs, please read on for the full story!!!

Coming to our house is a hazardous affair. We have had the same table and chairs for a number of years. The table is still in working order, all be it rather dirty. However, sitting on a chair is like playing Russian Roulette. On one particular day a rather unfortunate guest picked the wrong chair!

It was in a state of complete disrepair and ended up on the fire. The guest was fine apart from a rather sore bottom.

I have now decided to make it my mission to replace all the chairs, I have gone down the road of having mixed chairs, I am not sure if it is the right choice yet. We were in Midhurst the other day and I saw two old chairs for only five pounds each in a charity shop, the mission began!!

I also have a chair coming from my Mum and Dad, so that makes three, only another three to go!!

I chose this Cath Kidston fabric for these two, I think the others (when I have got them) are going to be covered in different plain colours to complement this fabric.

All I needed was a staple gun and some fabric protector

These were the chairs before covering

I roughly drew around the chair pad and cut out the fabric and then ironed

I love how this photo shows all the small holes from previous owners, I think these chairs have been covered many times during their life time.

I am pleased with the way they have turned out. I am in two minds to paint them white. What do you think?


Chidkid said...

If you are going for the 'mixed' look, you should leave them unpainted so they all remain mixed. Lovely job.

Anonymous said...

Hi I agree with comment above. Get them all done and see how it looks before slapping paint on. Good job

Unknown said...

Wait until you've got the full set, and then see. If it was me, I'd either leave them bare, or go for a kind of distressed whitewash look. Mrs B suggests you could also paint dabs of pastel colours on the wood (matching the upholstery), then wash over with distressed white effect.

furrypig said...

wow what a great job the chairs look amazing and i like the wood unpainted but they would look lovely if they were white too I suspect

Rodney said...

Love those chairs. I'm the wrong age group I know, but I wouldn't paint. They are antique furniture of the future and will appreciate.

Sandra said...

Oh there lovely and you did a great job. I love seeing mish mash chairs around a table. As to painting, I'm in the camp of painting them, but only as I love painted furniture and I'm desperate to try a new paint I've heard off, Annie Sloane chalk paint lol. Apparently it's a miracle in a pot lol