Sunday, September 30, 2007

New visitors

I was surprised and pleased when I logged onto my blog this morning to discover I had a few people visit it and one lovely lady called Emma left some great comments for me.

I had a big card sort out last night and put all the cards I have made for Christmas into cello bags.

Jess has been joining me in my card making sessions when Owain is asleep above you can see her creation. - A seaside theme I think.


Scrappin HelsF said...


Accessed your blog via UKS - fab place! Your cards are brill (I am a cardmaker/scrapper as well). I can appreciate what you say about how long it takes to make a card!

I must make a start on my Crimbo cards too! I liked the 'Thank you' card (cut out)- how did you do that?

Wee Hels

Catherine said...

Hi thanks for you comments. The thank you card was made using a craft robo and the template was from the UK scrappers craft robo forum