Sunday, October 5, 2008

I have given up asking!

I am one of those people that require confirmation that what I have done is 'OK' well not just OK I expect gasps of wonderment followed by wow that must have taken you ages and then a lengthy conversation on how I created something so wonderful. I just really require affirmation that I have not wasted my time. In my mind I have not but I really do want to have the confirmation. I am able to take constructive criticism well but last night when I asked those words' So what do you think?' to my husband and the response that followed went like this '.... Yes that's nice but don't you think the frame is a bit small because the pictures don't fit in it?' I have decided that I am not going to ask any more.
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Yizz said...

I think its a fantastic card, I love all the little touches, especially the holly leaf and berries, they must have taken ages. However I can see your DH's point though because while I love the idea of the pics peeping around the edges of the frame it is a tad distracting that you cant see the third santa's face. Moving the pics slightly would rectify this.
Aside from! I wish my stuff was half as good!!

Anneliese said...

lol .. i had to laugh .. how typical a 'man' comment was that ! I never ask dh what he thinks but do occasionaly show him what i've created ... he knows not to criticise lol :D he's well trained :D

Catherine said...

Oh thanks, I see what you mean about the santa face.